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Confidex Releases Next Generation Silverline Labels with Enhanced Performance, Versatility and Easy Printing

Confidex has introduced four new members to its Silverline product family – each providing exceptional performance whether on metal, plastic or other surfaces. These new labels are engineered with Zebra Technologies to print on Zebra printers.

Ensuring RFID labels are readable on metal or other materials – from IT assets to industrial equipment and healthcare equipment – can be a challenge along with the printing of on-metal labels. In fact, in most cases, encoding and printing tags designed for metallic surfaces can be complicated by the need for a separate printing and writing process.

Confidex has addressed these challenges with the introduction of its four new labels along with the ease of fast, effective printing and encoding. The new Confidex Silverline Micro II, Slim II, Blade II and Classic II labels provide exceptional performance across all common materials with more than double the on-metal sensitivity as well as significantly improved off-metal performance. That means auditing and asset management can be conducted faster, with fewer errors and potentially a single SKU.

Building on its successful collaboration with Zebra Technologies, Confidex offers high-performance, versatile on-metal labels, together with printing and encoding accomplished in one simple step, on site, when needed.  Zebra’s ZT411 On-Metal printer has been tested to help ensure the new Silverline labels deliver consistent print quality and can be correctly encoded for data integrity. Confidex has worked exclusively with Zebra to help ensure printer compatibility and performance so users can enjoy a hassle-free printing and encoding process.

“Our customers face challenges with many thick thermal printable on-metal labelling solutions,” says Mike Weinhammer, Zebra Product Manager. “Confidex’s new Silverline labels address these challenges and more. Zebra is pleased to collaborate with Confidex to develop one of the newest and most reliable RFID On-Metal labelling solutions including Confidex’s Silverline labels and Zebra’s ZT411 On-Metal RFID printer.”

New patent-pending antenna design improves performance on different surface materials

The latest Silverline labels leverage Confidex’s new patent-pending antenna design for well-balanced performance on a wide variety of materials which means they work well on coating over metal and plastic casings. This flexibility makes them ideal for use in industrial manufacturing, management of IT and office assets as well as high value healthcare equipment.

Based on the Impinj® R6-P and latest M730 IC series, each of the four new labels comes in unique dimensions, providing a variety of options most suitable for a company’s application. They also have an IP68 rating to withstand harsh environments. In addition, the Silverline Blade II offers specialized high-tack adhesive for strong bonding which is suitable for any surface, while the other three products come with adhesive optimized for metallic surfaces. The Silverline Classic II also offers one of the best read ranges in the industry.

“At Confidex we are always looking for opportunities to solve real customer challenges,” says Confidex’s Miika Pylvänäinen, Director of Product Line RFID. “With these uniquely engineered, next generation Silverline labels, we are happy to tackle the challenge of reliable inventory and asset management processes by offering the highly improved on- and off-metal performance, along with the benefit of one of the industry’s top printing options.”

Silverline Micro II, Slim II and Blade II are available for orders and samples today, while the Classic II will release commercially at the end of Q2 2021.

For more information about the products please visit Silverline Family website.

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