Crosswave Neo SoMe 002

Confidex Releases Crosswave Neo For Reliable, High Volume Logistics

The groundbreaking label features dual dipole behavior with 360 degree read angle and leverages Impinj’s latest RAIN RFID tag chip, available now.

Demand for transparent supply chains and fast reliable product delivery has put pressure on all members of the industrial, manufacturing, logistics and retail markets. As goods flow through a diverse supply chain at unprecedented rates, the need for reliable RFID tag and label reading has never been higher.

Crosswave Neo, the latest of Confidex’s Go family of RFID label products, was designed to solve these problems of today’s RFID market. Crosswave Neo combines its patented dual-dipole behavior with the latest generation IC — the new Impinj M730 RAIN RFID tag chip, providing both high performance and improved tag readability.

Confidex’s unique innovation and engineering has resulted in Crosswave Neo’s patent-pending antenna design– making it the first product like it on the market.  Its dual-dipole behavior enables reliable, fast reads in high volume, even when the label orientation varies. As a result, fast moving labels can be read at 360 degrees, without concern for the orientation of packages or cartons.

However, unlike traditional dual-dipole RFID labels, the Crosswave Neo does not require the dual-port IC for omni-directional reading.  Instead, Crosswave Neo provides constant 360-degree reading performance and polarization with a single port, from any and all orientations, even when using linear reader antennas.

The new Impinj M730 tag chip helps Crosswave Neo to deliver high performance and reliability, while engineered to provide the best cost benefits. “The Impinj M730 tag chip offers high performance, fast inventory capability, and advanced features compatible with the global GS1 UHF Gen2 standard,” says Steve Berry, Impinj’s Senior Product Management Director, Silicon Products.

“Innovation is part of our DNA and embedded into our company core values. We are proud to release the 1st of its kind, Crosswave Neo, as the latest member of our Go Family, engineered for fast and reliable performance at an affordable price,” says Miika Pylvänäinen, Confidex’s Director of Product Line RFID. This latest, cutting edge product joins Crosswave Classic, an Impinj Monza 4 based dual-dipole label in Confidex’ dual-dipole product line. Crosswave Neo is available immediately for orders and sampling.

For more information about Crosswave Neo please visit Confidex Go Family website