Data to Knowledge – Confidex enables Industrial Digitalization

Confidex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performing contactless smart tickets, modular industrial-grade beacons, RFID and NFC tags and specialty labels – the key enablers for short-range wireless IoT solutions that make industrial supply chains, transactions, asset tracking and authentication of goods more efficient and secure.

Over a decade in IoT

With strong combination of tag design competence, RF engineering, customization and manufacturing experience, our products and solutions serve demanding operating environments, like automotive industry, logistics and public transport. Since 2005 Confidex has become the trusted partner for system integrators and end users of INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies throughout the world.

Global presence

With our global network of partners we serve customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, Americas, Middle-East and Asia Pacific. Among our partners and customers we are known from our passion to excel.

Our vision and strategy

Confidex’s mission is to be the industry's leading provider of wireless technology solutions, which improve and enhance the quality of life and the environment.

Confidex is a fast growing and internationally operating Finnish company with production facilities in China. Confidex boasts a unique combination of world-leading modular tag and ticket design expertise and RF engineering, materials and manufacturing experience. The high performance and quality of the company’s products and operations is its key competitive differentiator. It is a basis for success that can be created only through experience and knowledge. Confidex is also dedicated to gaining a total understanding of customer’s requirements, no matter how complex.

Confidex designs special industrial-grade wireless products for applications for which standard products are not suitable. Smart manufacturing, logistics and industrial authentication applications are typical segments where the bar for system requirements and quality for the tags is set high, and performance cannot be compromised.

High volume delivery capability with uncompromised quality for RFID tickets is a pre-requisite for Confidex to support public transport operators with their automated fare collection applications.


Earning Your Trust

We build strong, sustainable relationships based on honesty and responsibility. We are committed to following laws, rules and regulations, and we require absolute integrity from our staff and partners. We keep our promises. We say what we do, We do what we say.


Offering Our Expertise

Our aim is to lead the industry by continuously developing our performance and skills. We are highly professional, hard working, creative and innovative in everything we do. We dare to question old ways of thinking and find brand new solutions. We look forward to overcoming each new challenge. We highlight quality in every single area in which we work.


Succeeding Together

Our dedicated personnel are the most important resource in our company. Understanding the customer's needs and requirements is the foundation for our success. With each other's encouragement and support, we can all reach our full potential. We treat each other with dignity and respect. We are talented individuals, but realize that together we can achieve even more things to be proud of.

Confidex' s Sustainable Environmental Policy

The products and services Confidex provides to its customers combine the attributes of being economical, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, unmatched quality, and environmental friendliness.

Our ambition is to grow profitably while respecting the environment. As a starting point, this requires solid product life cycle based on environmental performance and durability.

We are aware of, and responsive to, environmental risks and opportunities. We comply with environmental legislation and anticipate its development.

TÃœVRheinland RoHS Compliant

In order to achieve our environmental goals, Confidex:

  • uses ISO 14001 environmental management system to maintain and improve environmental performance
  • has communicated environmental policy to all employees, subcontractors and suppliers
  • designs its products to minimize their impact on the environment during the entire product life cycle
  • uses recyclable materials in production
  • uses only RoHS and REACH compatible materials
  • helps its customers to reduce their environmental footprint through providing advice and recommendations as well connections to our partners offering recycling solutions
  • involves all employees in activities of energy saving, waste reduction, and environmental protection in its production
  • continuously improves the environmental performance of its operations and the know-how of personnel.

Continuous quality improvement is our passion

We are committed to operate in a way which continuously provides the best possible added value for our customers, employees, owners and the community. We achieve this through our operational model by focusing on our customers' needs, high competence level and efficiency. We continuously improve our productivity, operations and product portfolio.

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ISO 9001:2008

As a proof of our processes, Confidex Finland and Confidex China have both been certified according to ISO 9001-2008 quality standard.

ISO 14001:2004

Confidex China has been officially certified according to 14001 environmental management standard (September 2010). Since we own the full value chain from an idea to a finished product, we can ensure our product performance. We never compromise on quality and can deliver our products according to our customers’ needs.