Easier deployment of tags

When designing our products, we have paid special attention to the ease of installation and maintenance of the tags. This way, when your number of identified objects is large, the installation and maintenance costs during asset lifetime are smaller, making the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the tags a better investment:

  • Rugged design of Confidex tags maximizes the duty time of tags without need for replacements.
  • With pre-encoding, provided by Confidex, the tags are ready for use directly from the box.
  • Installation is faster and an encoding device is not needed at the place of affixing.
  • Confidex tags are also designed to support several fixing methods.

Confidex personalization services are designed to lower the barrier for RFID adoption and facilitate easy usage of RFID tags and labels - in other words, to make your life easier. Our services include:

  • Tag encoding
  • Tag visual marking
  • Tag fixing methods

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Smooth transition into  implementation

Confidex’s personalization service makes it possible to have a barcode and human readable number printed on top the RFID tag. This enables the parallel use of two different identification systems. This is required in many cases to be able to do pilots and limited implementations. Investments in new reader devices can be made step by step, while existing barcode readers remain usable elsewhere in the chain.

Personalization options for each Confidex tag and label are described in the related product's datasheet.

Tag encoding

Tag encoding

Depending on your application needs, Confidex can pre-encode the 96 bit EPC memory area of your tags with any customer specific data: EPC code, running number or other types of codes. Additionally, Confidex can also lock the data in the EPC memory if needed.

Standard tag encoding offering:

  • Customer specific encoding of EPC and user memory
  • Locking options
  • Hard tags delivered with unique EPC by default
Tag visual marking

Tag visual marking

Visual markings on a tag can include data labels, color printing and laser engraving. By adding a data label - representing for example your logo, printed numbers, barcodes or 2D data matrices - the tag can be easily matched with your existing  identification infrastructure.

Barcode label data can be easily matched with tag EPC codes. This might, for example, involve putting part of the RFID data into a 2D data matrix or Code 128 barcode format.

Visual markings include:

  • Laser engraving
  • Customer specific color printing
  • Black and white printing with variable data
Tag fixing tools

Tag fixing methods

Confidex has designed tag fixing brackets, which enable easy attachment. Tag fixing tools include, for example, a welding bracket that has an area for spot welding. Alternatively, a magnetic bracket can be used in case the tag needs to be re-located during use.

One notable issue is the effect of the fixing method on the RF performance of the tag as the antenna can be disturbed by nearby material. However, the fixing methods and accessories recommend and provided by Confidex will not compromise the performance of the tags.

Standard fixing tool offering:

  • Background adhesive
  • Welding bracket
  • Magnetic holder
  • Installation tools