Automatic Vehicle Identification

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) based on UHF RFID tags enables cost efficient and reliable solutions for vehicle and traffic management. Vehicles can be detected remotely, even at high speeds. This keeps traffic flowing smoothly at toll gates and check points and brings comfort to drivers and inspectors. RFID enables the identification and management of a vehicle’s registration, access to roads, bridges or parking facilities. RFID is also an ideal method to collect taxes and fees securely and efficiently.


Confidex offers dedicated products to meet requirements for large scale Automatic Vehicle Identification and License Plate registration solutions. The products are customizable and offer a wide range of personalization, service and delivery options to support the integration in customer specific procedures and issuing processes.


Confidex’s modern passive AVI products offer attractive and affordable alternatives to other Automatic Vehicle Identification systems.

Windshield applications:              License Plate applications:

Windshield_119x101_nelio                    License_119x101_nelio


Confidex Windshield Label™ is now certified by
OmniAir Certification Services for road toll interoperability.


Read more about OmniAir here.
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  • Taxation
  • Road toll collection
  • Access control
  • Parking permit
  • Fleet management
  • Traffic management
  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance document verification
  • License plate authentication and control


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